Take part in large-scale global construction projects, And get rewards as the projects succeed.

You can now participate in a global construction project finance which is stable and provides high returns.


As Covid19 slowly comes to an end, large-scale construction projects that have been halted now restart all over the world.

participating in both corporations and governments run global construction projects usually create stable and high profits yet individuals have been unable to participate due to the astronomical size of the funds.

Now by WorldPF's blockchain based equity investment method, you can participate in global PF with a small fund.

Become the owner of your own global construction project and secure a stable source of income!

WorldPF Blockchain Systems

WorldPF is designed based on Ethereum ERC20 that guarantees data integrity.

All information such as materials and project schedules of participating organizations in project financing are shared in real time through blockchain, enabling transparent projects.

Based on the secured transparency, the project schedule, construction period, material supply and demand, construction cost, legal issues, and delivery date are all controlled and optimized, making it possible to build a construction project with the highest yield.


Ecosystem with
Synergistic Effect

  • eco_ic1
  • Project components
    real-time data processing
  • All project members' personnel, resources,
    funds, plans, etc. are all shared and
    processed in real time. Lobbying funds
    and fraudulent profits that hinder
    the project's profitability are
    blocked at the source.
  • eco_ic2
  • Minimize
    project costs
  • The process and cost of all projects
    are transparently disclosed in real time,
    so no small part is wasted, and
    the optimized schedule is carried out without
    unnecessary extension of the delivery date.
  • eco_ic3
  • High return due to
    shortened period
  • All transparency and accuracy
    lead to a shorter timeframe,
    which greatly improves the profitability
    of the project itself.

WorldPF. driving to a new PF ERA

WorldPF Coin

WorldPF Coin is a central company in global construction, and funds execution
has been designed to motivate all investors and participating institutions equally.

Coin name : WorldPF
Symbol : WDPF

Token Sale 20%

Participant Reward 10%

Incentive Rewards 20%

PF basic business price 10%

Protocol : ERC20
Total supply : 400,000,000

International law firm employment 10%

Environmental Pollution Prevention Cost 20%

Team 10%

Total : 100% / 400,000,000

WorldPF Roadmap

2021 Q3

PF Business
partners confirmed

2021 Q4

whitepaper confirmed

2022 Q1

wallet developed

2022 Q2

Listed on
international exchanges

2022 Q3

projects selected

2022 Q4

World PF project’s
contract signed

2023 Q1

Expansion of listing
on top global exchanges

2023 Q2

WorldPF wallet and App
Phase 2 Improvement (new feature)

2023 Q3

1st profit

2023 Q4

More WorldPF projects
added and expanded